This Republic Day unlock your Financial Freedom!


Hello Everyone!

We often hear people saying that one should be financially free & independent. But how do we achieve it? A strong & concrete plan is required to achieve the Financial Freedom. So this Republic Day, let us check out some important points which will help you in achieving Financial Freedom!

  • Avoid living on Credit

Reckless & impulsive spending is the reality of almost all the individuals. This unwanted spending makes us live on Credit. We tend to make the utmost use of our Credit Cards…but mind it that excessive use of Credit can hurt your Finances in the long run. Thus, make sure that you cut down your unnecessary expenses & refrain from easy borrowings!

  • Have an Emergency Fund

The Covid-19 Pandemic has definitely taught us the importance of having an Emergency Fund. Life is full of ups & downs, thus it is important to have some liquidity in case of any unfortunate event.

  • Stability in Income

Striking a balance between your Income & Expense is important. In order to become financially independent, it is important that you are assured of being able to save consistently! Work towards the following habits:

  1. Increasing your Income
  2. Controlling impulsive Spending habits
  3. Start Saving regularly
  4. Invest to achieve your Goals
  • Investing regularly for achieving your Goals

Once your Emergency fund is stocked, you need to start investing for your Goals. The larger your Investment Portfolio, the closer you get towards achieving your Financial Freedom!

  • Commit & Review

In order to become financially independent, we need to fully commit to our plan! Have a written plan that can be reviewed. Make sure that your Goals are on track.

Keep yourself focused on achieving the ultimate goal of becoming financially independent!


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Sensex creates history at 50,000!


Hello Everyone!

Today, the BSE Sensex has reached a new high. It is indeed a proud moment for all the Investors to witness the Market touching historical high of 50,000 points!

This year was no less than a roller coaster…isn’t it?

From hitting 3 year low of 25,639 to jumping on all time high of 50,000 amid the outbreak of Covid-19 Pandemic…the Sensex has given us all new hopes of better days awaiting ahead!

The Stock Market had a historical journey of huge volatility, fear & unpredictability. The Covid-19 Pandemic posed as a big threat to all the  Economies of the World.

The history has repeated itself…whenever the Market has taken a dip down, it has bounced back touching new highs. The Sensex journey in the last year has been quite remarkable…let us check out the factors that contributed.

  • Vaccines for Covid 19

The Investors’ sentiments have turned positive when the spread of covid cases have come under control. The Unlocks have boosted hopes of faster economic recovery. The Vaccination drive has boosted the Investors’ morale.

  • Foreign Investors

Increase in Foreign Investors have been one of the major reason for the Market rally in India.

  • Increase in Retail Investors

Last few months, many individuals are entering the Stock Market via Mutual Funds. Thus, this increase in the number of Investors has also boosted up the Market.

  • Positive Global Markets

The Global Markets have remained positive so far as Joe Biden took charge of the world’s largest economy.

  • Positive Quarter 3 Earnings

Corporate Earnings for the October – December Quarter has been quite encouraging inspite of the damage caused by the Pandemic. The earnings in this quarter have been positive & indicates recovery & better returns in the next quarter.

Afterall, we cannot time the Market, but according to the experts, investors are advised to hold onto their Investments…as this may be just the beginning towards achieving a larger milestone!

So let us have a bullish view & stay put in the Market!

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Check your Financial Well Being this Makar Sankranti!


Makar Sankranti is one of the most auspicious festivals celebrated with great zest across India. Like other festivals, Makar Sankranti has a lot of significance in our personal development & lessons to learn & implement!

Let us see some Financial Lessons that can be learnt from Makar Sankranti…

  • Check the Market Volatility

While flying kite, wind plays a crucial role in keeping the kite afloat in the sky. Too much wind can damage whereas too little wind can make it difficult in the sky to survive. Similarly, you need to keep a check on the Market Volatility. The Markets will crash & soar up high…but you need to stay calm & hold your Investments!

  • Personalised Asset Allocation

While flying kites, people are really choosy about the Manjha they use. Similarly, you must allocate your assets as per your Risk appetite & requirements. The personalized asset allocation will help to create your Investment Strategy & help you reach your goals faster.

  • Choose the right Investment Avenue

Proper direction is important in kite flying. Likewise, saving & investing in the right direction…in proper investment avenues is important. Invest your hard earned money in productive investment avenues according to your Risk Profile & Time Horizon.

  • Review your Plan periodically

One keeps an eye on his kite for any threats that will cut your kite. Thus, periodic reviewing of your portfolio is required to ensure that you are still on track & can alter things if needed.

  • Take Professional help

We often see people where one is flying the kite & other one is holding the Firki. Even though one person is capable of managing both, it becomes easier to fly a kite with a companion by your side. Similarly, having a Financial Professional by your side can help you in your Finances.

Happy Makar Sankranti!

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This Diwali enlighten your Finances!


Diwali is just around the corner…which means shopping, celebrations, gifts & spending lavishly!

Well, Diwali is THE FESTIVAL of the year & we end up spending a fortune on gifts, clothes, gadgets & so on. But when you look at it practically, such unplanned spending can hurt your Finances.

On Diwali, we worship Goddess Lakshmi to bring Wealth & Prosperity. Similarly, it is important to take care & nurture the Wealth we have!

Invest in different Financial Avenues

We often buy Gold during Diwali considering it auspicious…but how about investing that money in other Financial Avenues instead of Gold for the long run? The long term options like Equity & Mutual Funds can generate higher returns which can help you to build your Wealth for your future.

Don’t make Impulsive Purchases

When Festivals are round the corner…all the Online Shopping Sites come up with their Offers & great deals. The problem is we end up buying the things which we don’t need. We are tempted to buy those things looking at the Offers & Discounts. Make sure that you check the prices of the products thoroughly before spending your hard earned money!

Take a step ahead

We all consider Diwali days as most auspicious days to start something new. If you aren’t saving or investing till now, then start it. If you are investing then increase your investments by some amount. You can start Systematic Investment Plans for meeting your Future Financial Goals.

Clean your Finances

Diwali is the time when Indian mothers make sure that our houses are cleaned…similarly you need to clean your Finances too. We often have fragmented Investments made at different point of times. Segregate your Investments & align it together.

Buy adequate Insurance

Insurance is must these days. Most of us have Insurance Cover…but is it adequate? While buying Insurance, consider the factors like living Expenses of the present & future. Check whether your family will be taken care after you!

Be a little more concerned & attentive when it comes to your Finances. Spend some more time to get your Finances in order! Thus, enlighten your Finances during the festival of lights!

Wish you & your family a very happy & prosperous Diwali!

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The 9 Financial Lessons to learn this Navratri!


India is a land of different cultures, various festivals & celebrations… And here we are, celebrating Navratri! The enthusiasm to celebrate these 9 Nights is great throughout the country. We Indians have a habit of doing a good thing on auspicious occasions. Navratri is indeed an auspicious period to boost up your Finances.

Here are 9 Financial Lessons that you can adapt this Navratri…

  • Be Disciplined

Discipline is important in all the aspects of your Life. Similarly, it is important that you handle your Finances in a disciplined manner. Handle your hard earned money with care & nurture it well so that it can grow.

  • Respect your Money

Treat your Money with respect. Do not take your Salary / Income for granted. After all, we believe that money means Goddess Lakshmi & we cannot disrespect her.

  • Plan your Expenses

Navratri is often known as a perfect time for new beginnings. Take control of your Finances & begin by planning your expenses in advance.

  • Improve your Financial Knowledge

We worship our Work Tools & Books on Dusshera. Similarly, devote some time to improve your Financial Knowledge. Do some research & understand the different Investment Avenues & analyse the best suitable option.

  • Plan your future

It is crucial to understand the difference between your Needs, Wants & Desires. You need to set aside some money for the future. It is not just saving but investing!

  • Reduce your debts

Every individual seeks some kind of debt at some or the other point of time. But repaying the debt is equally important. Too many debts can hurt your finances in the long run. Thus, plan your debts accordingly.

  • Increase your Credit Score

Credit Score reflects your creditworthiness. A low credit score can hinder you creditworthiness. Make sure that you don’t use your Credit Card impulsively. Maintain a good Credit Score.

  • Invest in yourself

You should focus on your inner power & invest in yourself. Take efforts at improving your skills & knowledge. Look for better career prospects. Secure your retirement or get a proper insurance for yourself & your family.

  • Make your Money work for you

Make your money work for you by diversifying it across various Financial Avenues. Plant your money today so it can take care of you tomorrow!

Thus, start a new journey with focus & discipline to brighten your Finances!

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Even Small Amount matters when it comes to Wealth Creation!


The Millennial generation is entering adulthood & has begun their Career. A lot of youngsters are confused about how much they need to save & spend. Well, this is the right time to start saving little by little for your Financial Goals.    

Big Amount or Small Amount…it doesn’t really matter until you are regular & disciplined in playing your part sincerely. The ocean is indeed filled with little drops, isn’t it?

  1. Inculcates the habit of Saving

You develop a habit of saving on a regular basis. Ideally, you must save at least 30% of your disposable income. Even though, you are earning less at the beginning of your career, you must start putting aside a predefined amount right from your first salary.

  • Having Discipline in your Finances

Being consistent is very important when it comes to creating Wealth for the future. You need to make your contributions at regular intervals. For instance, you can link your Goal of buying a house to your Savings thereby starting a monthly Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) to achieve your Goal. SIP gives you a disciplined way to invest your funds.

  • Compounding

‘Compound Interest is the eighth wonder of world. He who understands it, earns it; he who doesn’t pays it. – Albert Einstein.

Small Savings might not look very attractive at the beginning but over the period of time, compounding plays its magic & adds to your Wealth Creation! Thus, even small matters count over a long a period of time!

  • Increase your Investment amount gradually

As you climb your Career ladder & earn higher salaries, it is equally important to increase your Savings & Investments Amounts too. Hence, increase your Investment amount gradually.

Plant your small sapling today so that it can grow in a big tree & then later take care of you!

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Prioritize Financial Freedom!


Hello Everyone!

India celebrates its 74th Independence Day this year! Unlike every year, the celebrations will be altered due to Covid 19 Pandemic. But nevertheless, every Indian celebrates this day with great enthusiasm.

So as our country celebrates its 74th Independence Day, let us understand how freedom has evolved throughout these years. The freedom of social or cultural norms is imperative but the ability to live on your own terms & conditions come from FINANCIAL FREEOM! It enables you to be self sufficient & independent, as our Prime Minister had mentioned recently “Aatmanirbhar Bharat!’’ It is high time that you implement it in your Finances too!

Here are some important points which you can follow to achieve your Financial Freedom…

Live on your own

The road to Financial Freedom is to earn enough to live on your own, pay for your essentials, take care of your Needs & Wants thereby taking control of your future. Not depending on anyone to achieve your Needs & Wants is a step towards Financial Freedom.

Have multiple source of Income

Having multiple source of Income can save you from financial crunch. Multiple Sources of Income may include rental Income, part time job or side business. For Instance, last 4 – 5 months of this Pandemic have literally taught us this thing that you cannot rely on a single source of Income.

Make stable & sensible Investments

Investment is all about making your money work for you. Thus, make sure that you invest your hard earned money in sensible Investment Avenues that will give you decent returns at a later stage.

Get rid of your Debt

Draw out an Action Plan to payoff your Debt. Getting free from Debt is indeed a step towards Financial Freedom!

Thus, let us walk down the road that leads us to Financial Freedom…!!!


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The changing times of Saving & Spending!


Hello Everyone!

Times of crisis can bring uncertainty for many reasons…and the Corona Virus Pandemic is no exception! It has been 4 months since the Lockdown, the Economy has slowed down, Businesses have shut, and there is a wave of unemployment all over!

It seems that we are going to step into a new world once this pandemic is over. But, in this new world, suddenly Income has either vanished or reduced. We have been exposed to new risks which have led us to totally new dimensions of Saving & Spending!

We are gradually starting to normalize things by unlocking step by step, thereby hoping for recovery. The questions about Personal Finances are popping up in everyone’s minds. The basic pillars of Income, Saving, Spending & Investing have undergone a drastic change in last 4 months.

Millions of people are left without Employment & those are the ones who are most hit by the Pandemic. Many monthly income earners have been sitting without a pay or have settled with a significant pay cut since the Businesses are closed. Income has evaporated largely through various segments.

But with the Income, Spending has changed considerably too. Individuals are cutting back on lot of impulsive expenses. For Instance, expenses are not incurred on eating out, entertainment, travel, clothes…it is the NEW NORMAL, isn’t it?

Beyond the essential commodities & utility bills there has not been a single penny spent. It is wise to avoid any big purchases at this point of time. Create a priority based spending plan.

In case you cannot make your financial ends meet, contact your Creditors for assistance. Creditors might offer reduced payments & fees.

Just remember that we all are stuck in this Pandemic together & there comes a tomorrow with a ray of new sunshine & hope!

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Will India bounce back?


India is a strong economy which has emerged stronger in the last few years.

The pandemic which we are caught in between will take sometime before it is finally gone.

India has taken early steps by way of an extended lockdown of 40 days. It is at the cost of human capital and financial capital. There are going to be several dents in the economy before we see things coming back to normal.

The business models are going to see structural changes and capex is going to change to a great degree in businesses,  be it large and small.

As we look forward to the opening of various services in the next few days and finally after the lockdown….work is not going to be the same.

There are questions going on in people’s minds :

  1. How soon can we see growth ? In how many months or quarters ?
  2. Can I work from home efficiently ?
  3. How will employees travel to work with social distancing in a crowded place ?
  4. How can I change my Business Plans for the next fiscal to meet the new Normal ?
  5. Will I continue to be gainfully employed ?

And many more doubts and questions to which I think nobody has answers. But I can add here that Indians have more resilience and we have taken so many events in our life that we will come back stronger and better….it may take time but we would be able to bounce back as an alternative emerging power to China.

We have to be prepared and take the plunge to move the economy ahead.

Once businesses have a certain clarity as to how this would shape up , we Indians have always surged ahead beyond call of duty and put the country in place.

Yes India will bounce back, we have the resilience, patience, knowhow and the will to do what it takes….we have world leaders which have set examples to the large economies in many ways….

I look forward to the new India which will have the right mix of humanity and responsibility to take the next leap as our destiny is carving a new innovative era for us……..

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Are you financially prepared for the current situation?


Hello Everyone!

We all are living in extremely tough times. The Coronavirus Pandemic has leashed the Businesses all over the Globe. The situation is tight with restrictions & lockdown in the whole country. The businesses have hit badly. The Pandemic has adversely affected the Stock Market too thereby slowing down the Economy.

Are you financially prepared for the crisis?

  1. Emergency Fund

I have always said in my previous Articles that it is very important to have an Emergency Fund which equals to your 6 Months Salary. This will take care of your monthly commitments that you simply cannot get out of! Use Bank Fixed Deposits & Liquid Funds to part your Emergency Corpus. However, make sure that you don’t stop investing for your Future Goals.

  1. Avoid withdrawing from the Funds linked to your Goals

Most of us would think that they can withdraw the Investments made for their Child’s Education or their Retirement. But, that would be a huge mistake! It is important to get over the current Financial Crisis but it is also vital to meet your Goals.

  1. Assess your Insurance Needs

Check on your Insurance Needs. Check whether your whole family is well insured. These days, Hospital Bills can surely run a big hole in your pocket. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are adequately insured.

  1. Do your Budgeting

Cutting down your Monthly Expenses is one of the best ways to prepare for the crisis. Do your monthly budgeting again since your entertainment expenses like Restaurants & Movies will be cut down. Make a point to use this as a Saving for your Emergency Fund.

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Till then….Stay Home Stay Safe!