Vow 1st time blogger


Hi Friends, 

I finally got down to creating a blog after a wonderful 2 day workshop of Jago Advisor. Nandish and Manish so lucidly told us how to carry our practice and reach out to Community. 

As far as my practice goes, I think it is all planned as it should be. Attending this program was like building more blocks of the foundation laid earlier at Orlando. The kind of people of the fraternity I am interacting with has been rich and enlightening. The exchange of ideas and the nudge ( this we learned at the FPA Conference – meaning we push each other gently to take action) has been very supportive to take strong and sincere action with goals and deadlines and all that. 

You know its like changing mindset, but feel an umbrella of positiveness around in spite of personal challenges. 

Its  like faith working on the capabilities and skills I am developing and that it will be meant to benefit a large audience which would make a difference in their financial decision making.

I am working with a motto to Serve since when I do that my mindset and my business environment will give me different results than what I have been getting in the past.

What I am sharing here sounds so different from my thoughts but I am nevertheless penning them down as the 1st post on my blog.

May I be able to get the consistency and persistence to peruse this new area of work I have taken up. May Goddess Saraswati bring the right thoughts and thereby make me take the right action to better the financial future of people I come in touch with alongwith my fraternity. 

Once again lots of gratitude for high learnings. 


Posted on Dec 1, 2013


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