Women’s Financial Diary



As a modern woman of today I am at crossroads, should I share my financial details with my husband / father / brother….having made a fair bit of saving, having worked for so many years.

That’s a common thought which crosses a woman’s mind…

On the occasion of Women’s Day round the corner…I am returning back to my blog after quite sometime…

Woman’s Day – you know earlier I used to think what is the use of spending an exclusive day for Women…should not each day be spent as a Woman’s Day….then I realised…the joy of attending so many events ..so many insights and what are the various sufferings and achievements women go through to keep their self esteem and confidence high.

But the common thread amongst so many women’s stories have been because they have not given up in the face of adversity but overcome it.

Then why is it so when it comes to managing finances for the women, we hear things like all this is not for me….I don’t understand numbers. But wait a minute dear lady, you need to know what is your right ?

Some check points for you to note :

1. Do you have a joint account with your husband ? If yes, then does he also operate the account ? Find out why would he want to operate your account. If not, then does he keep inquiring how much balance you have ?

Maybe you should just keep him as a nominee instead of a joint account holder.

2. While investing do you bother to check the options suggested by your Wealth Manager/Advisor ? Don’t blindly follow them. Evaluate options.

3. Have you inherited some property then you need to find out what is the value ? Is it shared ?

You maybe not be the sole owner of the property.

4. Don’t do impulsive shopping….feels good….but the hole in the pocket will make you feel …not so good. And you can do without some of those things.

5. Do you do things for status ? Is it required ? Are you trying too hard to please others ? You are using your savings many a time to do that.

Hey that’s some points for you to see….more later….will be back soon.