Don’t listen to chirping birds!


Don’t get  swayed by chirping birds!

Before every World Cup large newspaper and internet columns are written on why a player should be in the team and why the same player should not be in the team…

There are people who will proceed to tell you how unsafe air travel is and go on and on about air accidents  and try to scare you off from ever boarding an airplane! However Google this and you shall find that there is a higher chance of you dying in a car crash than in a plane crash! Despite this you still might get Goosebumps the next time you are on a plane!

Just like this there are hundreds of opinions offered on hundreds of websites about the stock markets and mutual funds and investment avenues and on which fund is the best and which fund manager is the best.

They will confound you and confuse you. You will be left ambivalent wanting and not wanting to invest in a stock at the same time!

Research will indicate it is extremely difficult for one fund manager to stay at the top for years in a row. Research and commonsense says there is no “No.1: “Fund offering quick multiplying of your money in no time. Haven’t you heard how the Saradha Scam unfolded?” Quick money doubling promises!

The one who is most consistent is the best. Don’t you support Mumbai Indians? They may not have won the title many times but they have always been up there at the Top 4.

The same is true of mutual funds and equities. Even Virat Kohli goes out on a duck but we back him for consistency. Remember! The Irfan Pathan of 2004 and the Irfan Pathan of today are vastly different! The latter plays in Ranji Trophy today.

So don’t be swayed by opinions. Do your own research. Consult an expert. It’s better  to approach an expert than getting bogged down and confused by too many opinions!

Remember your hard earned money deserves the best. Give it the best!

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Life is a Race!


Life is a race which all of us invariably have to run!

So we look at Usain Bolt and see his sub-10 second dash across 100 meters and then see Mo Farah the historic 10000m runner. Both run at the Olympics. However ask Bolt if he would be able to run 10000m at his superfast pace and he would answer negatively. Infact he might exhaust himself so much that he might be unable to run even half that distance at that speed of his!

A civil engineer is reading the newspaper. He hears about a building crash in Mumbra, a remote suburb of Bombay. Apparently the building added six floors in around two months and the whole structure came crashing down.

He says “ These people are idiots. You can’t erect a building in one month. You need to make it slow and steady so each floor’s strength consolidates and the structure stands”

A Few kilometers away at a restaurant a man has placed an order for a spring roll. He is quarreling with the waiter who says “Sir how can I get Spring Roll in ten minutes? It will take time to cook. In ten minutes you can only get a raw half cooked version!”

Does an egg grow into a chicken worth culling in two days? No. The egg hatches and feeds in the broiler for two to four weeks before it reaches a weight where it can be killed and sold.

Nothing in life happens in a flash. Just like that finance is also not something to be done in a flash. It is a slow steady and step by step process. Just as a body of water is filled only by small drops of water so is finance.

Remember to invest periodically in a disciplined manner. Only then will your wealth grow. You can’t amass wealth in a flash. It’s a process where patience will give you rich rewards!

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Different Days, Diferent Music!


Don’t you listen to different music on different days? On a working day when you plug in your earphones in the train or bus or listen to music in the car you might have a fixed playlist to play. Bollywood and hip hop or mild rock and Beyonce are some preferences while there may be many more…

On returning home you might play a calmer cooler tune of the yesteryears maybe a Mohammed Rafi or Kishore Kumar. You might listen to some other calming English music of your childhood bands…

Friday night if you enjoy parties and rock you might listen to the hardest rock or loudest Hindi music you know…

Saturdays and Sundays bring along the calmness of a weekend so a More relaxed playlist like The Beatles or a calming Jagjit Singh Ghazal maybe?

So different days, different situations, different music!

That applies over to the financial realm too!

Different Needs need different investments and different reactions.

Just like that you need some of your portfolio for daily cash expenses. Some for large expenses that you might incur once or twice a year and some very occasional very large cash expenses like a car or a house.

So have an amount of money in your savings bank account sufficient for emergencies.

Have a short term Fund or a couple of FDs but not more than that!

Invest in SIPs.

Invest in Mutual Funds.

Invest in Debt.

Have some short term Plans

Have Some long term plans and

Some Medium term plans.

Invest wisely for your goals and invest wisely.

So invest accordingly for the different days in your financial life. Your weekends are your retirement. To have a peaceful and hassle free retirement invest for the weekends of your life too!

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