Different Days, Diferent Music!


Don’t you listen to different music on different days? On a working day when you plug in your earphones in the train or bus or listen to music in the car you might have a fixed playlist to play. Bollywood and hip hop or mild rock and Beyonce are some preferences while there may be many more…

On returning home you might play a calmer cooler tune of the yesteryears maybe a Mohammed Rafi or Kishore Kumar. You might listen to some other calming English music of your childhood bands…

Friday night if you enjoy parties and rock you might listen to the hardest rock or loudest Hindi music you know…

Saturdays and Sundays bring along the calmness of a weekend so a More relaxed playlist like The Beatles or a calming Jagjit Singh Ghazal maybe?

So different days, different situations, different music!

That applies over to the financial realm too!

Different Needs need different investments and different reactions.

Just like that you need some of your portfolio for daily cash expenses. Some for large expenses that you might incur once or twice a year and some very occasional very large cash expenses like a car or a house.

So have an amount of money in your savings bank account sufficient for emergencies.

Have a short term Fund or a couple of FDs but not more than that!

Invest in SIPs.

Invest in Mutual Funds.

Invest in Debt.

Have some short term Plans

Have Some long term plans and

Some Medium term plans.

Invest wisely for your goals and invest wisely.

So invest accordingly for the different days in your financial life. Your weekends are your retirement. To have a peaceful and hassle free retirement invest for the weekends of your life too!

More later…


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