A father and his 11 year old son are watching The Discovery Channel. They are watching three trekkers trek their way to some place through a forest. They come to a clearing and have lunch. They have lit a fire and have consumed a rabbit which they caught. Also they ate some tins of meat from the supplies that they had brought along with them. They take a look at their rations and proceed. Several times it happens that the mountaineers come to a clearing of sorts where the leader of the trek elaborately takes a pen knife and a stone and marks the tree. This happens several times which prompts the son to ask his father “Dad! Why are they doing this tree marking?”

His Dad explains: Son, They have to come back on this route two days later when they finish their trek and head back. They are making it so they know their way around.

His witty son asks “Why don’t they use GPS and Google maps?!”

His Dad rolls his eyes and says “Oh God! Maps don’t work in a forest son!”

Sure enough halfway into the show the trekkers do get lost and grope around for any sight of a clearing. Finally they find one and the marking on the tree tells them the way to go next. This way they safely go to the next clearing where they meet two amateur trekkers who are lost. Rescuing them and further tree markings allow them to reach civilization safely!

Your finances are also similar while you are spending. You don’t want to be lost in the forest. You need to have a goal and do small steps for that goal. Some steps may seem really primitive and trivial like marking the tree!

Just mark your goals in your life the same way. The tree marking can be anything like an investment or your planned purchases in the future and so on.

Be alert to the possibility that getting lost is never thrilling be it in a forest or in your financial life!

More later…


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