Cleaning our Closets & Wardrobes!


Hello Folks! Diwali is around the corner and we all are excited, aren’t we? Well, but with the enjoyment and fun later on, first we need to start with the cleaning stuff! Cleaning our closets once in a while is a tedious & boring thing. Isn’t that the thing we hate to do the most?

Cleaning our closet is one of the unpleasant tasks but is crucial. We have to clean our closets & get rid of the unwanted stuff so that we can put our new things in the closet.

Similarly, our finances also are like a wardrobe where our investments reside.

Investments aren’t a one-time affair. You need to be dynamic and adapting to the changing times.

Just like we have to clean our closet every few months to throw away the unwanted stuff, similarly, we have to terminate the investments which aren’t giving us good returns and replace them with the new ones. Nobody likes torn and shabby clothes hanging around in the closet, isn’t it?

The investments which have taken you to losses consistently should not linger in your financial closet!

Is a scheme not giving good returns this year? Do you think you can put your money somewhere else? Then go for it, after consulting a financial advisor. You need to switch the policies if they are not doing well and not meeting your expectations! The paperwork might be slightly boring but doing that will yield good returns which will make you better financially! What is the use of repenting later on?

Give time to your investments, check out regularly how are your investments doing. Remember, your wealth is to be nurtured!

More later…


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