Indian people are largely stuck to cricket when it comes to sports but nowadays people have shifted their preferences to other sports like Football, Kabbadi and so on! So we can say that this is a time to switch!

Something similar can be applied to the world of investing too! Many investors rely heavily on traditional means of savings such as Bank Deposits, Post Office Schemes,  National Savings Certificate and so on. It is high time now to switch from being a saver to an investor in order to get good returns.

Switching from saving to investing means putting your wealth in something constructive which will give you good returns.  However, higher returns and higher risks are the two sides of the same coin! But we have got a way out, you can invest the money which you don’t need for a longer period of time.

The main motive of saving is to preserve the capital wherein the motive of investing is to increase the wealth!

If you are saving for a longer time say for 10 years, you are missing out the factors like inflation & taxation. Thus, savings mode might not work here. You can invest in different asset classes to yield higher returns!

This is the best way to nurture your wealth!

More later…


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