This Week 2016, Next Week 2017..!


Hello Friends!

Here we are, in the end of 2016! We all have gone through many ups & downs this year. Year 2016 has been like no other year since Demonetization was announced! So much has changed this year, India is changing to a Digital Economy.

New Year brings the promises of new beginnings and self improvement. Don’t make new resolutions this year but change your perspective towards it so that you can meet the end!

Well, talking about Personal Finance, I am sure most of the people would be trying hard to find a healthier Personal Finance Portfolio for 2017, you can adopt some of the ways.

  • Review your Investments:

Most of the people are not very keen towards reviewing their investments. It is important to review your investments on a regular basis so that you can make changes accordingly and stack out the ones which are not doing well.

  • Plan your Budget:

2017 is round the corner, this is the most suitable time to plan your budget for the New Year. It is important to make the budget and follow it as well. Stay within your Financial Budget to achieve your Financial Goals.

  • Put your Money to use:

Don’t let your cash lie idle in the bank. The inflation rate is growing day by day thereby shrinking your savings in the bank. Park your assets where it has got an opportunity to grow!

  • Inculcate the habit of Savings:

Money saved is Money earned! Try to cut down the unwanted expenses. Saving and Investing is the success mantra these days!

  • Plan for your Retirement:

You should ideally start planning for your retirement from an early age. But better late than never, if you haven’t started then you can do so from the beginning of the coming year. Ensure that you attain Financial Stability by the end of your working period.

A New Year brings new hopes. Start managing your money wisely to lead a financially secured life!

Wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year!



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