Trump’s Victory & its implications on India!


In November 2016, two black economies turned white…right? India’s corrupt black economy had taken a step toward cleaning the parallel economy while on the other side of the world Donald Trump surprisingly won the US elections and emerged as the 45th American President.

Politics always play a major role in impacting India – US relationships! The major factors are that both the economies get affected, job prospects are hindered and so on.

President Trump’s victory and his entry into American Politics is surely going to affect the economies of the world including India. But, Donald Trump presents as an opportunity or a challenge for India? Keeping aside whatever he said during his campaign, we don’t know until he acts on it!

How is it going to affect India?

Every coin has got two sides, similarly, Trump’s victory will have positive as well as negative impacts.

Talking about the positive impact, Trump always had an impression of Pakistan involving in terrorism. Thus, India could benefit in its fight for combating terrorism. This will indirectly strengthen our defence strategies. The collaborative efforts of US & India will help to boost the Indian Economy. In his entire campaign, Trump was against China’s trade policies. Although Trump wants to put stricter immigration rules, he also says he wants to get in Indian entrepreneurs and students to the US.

The main threat is that Trump has tightened the US Visa policies thereby hindering the job opportunities in the US. With the tightened immigration rule and his opinion on H1 Visa Program might negatively impact Indian IT Companies majorly. With the strict immigration rules, India can prosper. How?  The leading companies have got most of the Indian drain brains working with them. If the visas are rejected, the Indian talent will stay in India instead of running to the dreamland of jobs thus prospering our country.

Even though Trump has no political experience, he is a successful businessman. It will be interesting to see the developments in Indian-US relationships in the near future under Donald Trump’s presidency!

More later…


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