Time for a Break!


Hello Folks!

Summer has approached, kids have got their most awaited Summer Vacations! So what’s your plan this summer?

Everyone out there is planning to go out on a trip…some may plan an International Trip whereas some may decide to go to nearby hill stations!

However, there is still a big chunk of people who are uncertain about how to plan the vacations due to their Personal Finance reasons.

Vacations are meant for relaxing & being stress free…but on the other side, saving money to have a fun vacation can sometimes be very hectic & stressful!

There are ways to help you start planning for your Dream Vacation…and as I have always said that it is better to work on your goals before hand!

Here are a few tips which can help you in saving for your Dream Vacation…

  1. Plan out your Trip.

Planning is the base of everything you do. List down all the spots you are planning to visit, search for hotels & restaurants, your mode of travelling, your daily events. You can even google out the best & cheap locations in that area! You can save more money if you plan your trip in advance. You can book your tickets well in advance to get attractive discounts!

  1. Create a Budget.

It is very common to forget your budget & spend more than what you have saved! To prevent yourself from being completely broken after you come back, create a budget to which you can stick to. It is not possible to plan an exact amount but you should be acquainted to your limits!

  1. Be Logical.

You have to act practically…you can’t be going to Malaysia with a fund as good as of going to Goa! The worst thing is to expect to afford everything. You need to be realistic in what you can afford to avoid the financial crunch!

There are number of ways in which you can plan your vacations.

Have a Happy Vacation…Bon Voyage!

More Later…

Beginning of a New Financial Year…!


Hello Folks!

Here we enter into a New Financial Year with new resolutions.

Resolutions to make your finances better…right?

With the start of a New Financial Year, most people are relieved thinking that they would have more in their hand to spend after the diminished income in the last quarter!

It’s a good time to take the appropriate steps to ensure that you end up in a better financial position this time next year.

Educate yourself financially

Make a point to financially educate yourself. We Indians are very much conservative regarding our investments. Most of us are keen towards protecting the principal amount & the minimal interest on it is like cherry on the cake!  Little knowledge is a dangerous thing! Make yourself financially literate so that you understand your finances properly.

Start your Tax Planning

Start your tax planning for the next year from now only instead of waking up last moment and ending up investing in something which is not viable. There is no better time to invest than today! Stop waiting for that tomorrow which never rises. Instead, do it right now!

Increase your Investments

Increase your investments little bit every year. You can start by just starting a new SIP. Review your portfolio & discontinue the ones which are not doing well. The New Year is a good start to add on your finances!

Be disciplined

Learn to be disciplined in tough times. This is very important because the market is highly volatile. People get hassled & panic if they observe a downtrend in their investments. But the secret is, having a disciplined approach will lead you to accumulate more units when the markets are down!

Execute your plan

Your ideas & visions are just hallucinations unless & until they are executed! Thus, learn to execute your plan first & be prepared for some transformations in your plan.

Start investing & have a good Financial Year ahead!

More later…