The 2nd Innings of your Life!


It’s a Monday morning but you are in no hurry to get ready and rush to the office instead you are sitting in the balcony of your house reading the newspaper and sipping the coffee! Wow… this sounds so good!

So what do you call a person who is happy on a Monday Morning…?


And from here your second innings…that is after Retirement Life starts.

Retirement is a phase of your Life wherein you stop working & start Living your Life!

The best Retirement Plan you can have for a Happy & Prosperous Retired Life is don’t be a burden on others!

Retirement is that phase of your Life where you can Live your Life on your own terms…then why to compromise?


The big question which bothers everyone is: “How much money do I need when I retire?”

You need to check on certain factors before you plan your Retirement Funds.

1) Decide the age at which you want to retire.

Decide the age at which you want to retire so that it gives a clear picture of the time span you have to raise the funds. It will also help you to set a Measurable Goal which you can achieve systematically.

2) Set your Goals

You have different set of Goals at different Stage of your Life. Your Goals change with the transitions of your Life. Typically, after Post Retirement you might have goals like building a Dream House, an International Trip & so on. Allocate Funds to achieve your Goals.

3) Decide the Annual Income you will require after your Retirement.

Can you compromise with your Standard of Living after Retirement & come one step down…? No! We can’t! That is the reason you need to make your Budget. Moreover, you need to put aside funds for Medical Emergencies.

4) Keep a check on the Inflation rates and your Savings.

Inflation is rising on a remarkable pace. In order to sustain, it is important to keep up with the inflation. See to it that your Investments give you returns which can beat Inflation.

5) If you have a pension plan then obtain an estimate of it.

In case if you have a Pension Plan, make a note of getting an estimate of it so that you come to know how much corpus you will be getting later.

So you have got to make the arrangements for your 2nd Innings, why to depend on anyone else?

Have a Happy Retired Life….!

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Higher Education – A Need!


Hello Everyone!

The 10th board exam results are just out…Congratulations to all the students who have passed with flying colours!

I know the question which is bothering the children as well as their parents is…‘What Next?’

Indian parents have very high expectations about their children’s education and careers. In today’s competitive world, the need for strong & quality education is increasing. With India’s prospering young population, the excellence in education is a determining factor in the race for better careers today and it will keep on increasing in the future.

However Education, especially quality education doesn’t come cheap and it is also something that parents hate compromising on! A child’s school costs alone have reached sizeable amount. Now-a-days, access to higher education is easier, with good colleges in India and foreign universities wooing students.

In today’s date, the cost of Higher Education from a recognized institution is reaching new heights.

In order to give a good start to the child’s future, it is important to plan for such a big financial goal before hand.

Thus, parents must plan and start saving early to build a corpus for their children’s higher studies. And, while it is an important financial goal, it should be prioritized properly. Below are some points, you should take care of while building your corpus.

  • Invest Systematically

It is not possible to build such a huge corpus in a day or two. Hence, it is very important to save & invest in regular intervals.

  • Account for Inflation

We experience Inflation in our day to day life. The education fees will also go up as time passes. The returns from your investments should beat the rate of increase in the cost of education. If a course needs 15 lakhs in today’s date then it is quite possible to reach about 20 lakhs in next 5 – 7 years.

  • Invest upon Time

You must make investments on the basis of the time horizon. Your Investment options may change depending upon the number of years you want to stay invested.

Make sure that your children’s dreams come true & finance doesn’t turn out to be an obstacle in achieving their goals. Best of Luck!

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