Festive Season Begins…Plan your Budget Wisely!


India is a country of Festivals…! With beginning of Shravan Month the chain of Indian Festivals begin which continues till the end of the Calendar Year. The festive season in India is a sheer period with emphasis on Food, Décor, Gifts, Social Visits and so on.

While it is a time for happiness & cheer, it can be draining your pocket too! It is possible that you may go out of your way while spending. So is there a way to keep an eye on your Spending…?

Tip 1: Start with a Budget

Plan a Budget before you start shopping for this Season. I am sure, most of us draw out a rough estimate of the Spending but a detailed Budget is much better. With a rough Budget, there are chances of potentially spending more & it is tough to track your Expenses!

Tip 2: Avail the Festival Discounts

Many Stores put up Festive Sales which brings in offers on shopping of Clothes, Decors & so on. Moreover, these days Online Shopping has gained lot of importance. You can get attractive Discounts, Offers & Season Sales. So why not avail these discounts?!

Tip 3: Purchase what you need

Take a stock of what you already have & what you want to purchase before you make your Wish List. Many-a-times we end up shopping for the items which we already have unnecessarily adding onto our Expenses.

Tip 4: Know when to Stop

‘Cut your Coat according to your Cloth’…is a famous Proverb. It is extremely important to know your limits & put a brake on your Expenses after those limits. Shopping on Credit is not a great idea…so you should know where to stop!

More Later…

Rain Water Harvesting & Investing!


Hello Folks!

It is mid-July & it is been raining from a pretty long time. It feels so good when the rain showers hit the heated ground. The Weather is so mesmerizing when there are light showers & drizzles, but it turns out to be a problem when it rains heavily!

But no matter what…it should rain!

Have you heard about Rain Water Harvesting?

The Rain Water is collected in Natural Reservoirs & Tanks so that we can survive on it for the next 8 months till it rains again!

Similarly, invest while you have money in your hand because you cannot predict what is in store for you in the future!

The Rain Water is collected throughout 4 months of Monsoon & thus a large reservoir of Water is created so that we can use the water comfortably over the next few months.

Likewise, you can invest little by little so that over the years a large fund is created which can help you to achieve your goal.

The goal of Rain Water Harvesting is to avoid the shortage of Water & the goal of Investing systematically & regularly is to fulfill your dreams.

Calamity can strike you anywhere anytime…it is better to be prepared for the best!

Therefore, make sure you do these things:

  • Link a goal with your fund

Your goals & priorities change as you make transitions in your life. It is very important that you link your goals with your Investments.

  • Save for the Rainy Day

You never know what will happen tomorrow, you never know when you will require huge Cash Flow. Thus, it is better to keep an Emergency Fund ready to meet the crisis.

  • Invest through SIP

Make it a point to contribute little by little so that you create a big chunk later on. It gives you a plus point of Compounding. Moreover, over the years you can build a large corpus…After all, Rome was not built in a day…!

More Later!