Festive Season Begins…Plan your Budget Wisely!


India is a country of Festivals…! With beginning of Shravan Month the chain of Indian Festivals begin which continues till the end of the Calendar Year. The festive season in India is a sheer period with emphasis on Food, Décor, Gifts, Social Visits and so on.

While it is a time for happiness & cheer, it can be draining your pocket too! It is possible that you may go out of your way while spending. So is there a way to keep an eye on your Spending…?

Tip 1: Start with a Budget

Plan a Budget before you start shopping for this Season. I am sure, most of us draw out a rough estimate of the Spending but a detailed Budget is much better. With a rough Budget, there are chances of potentially spending more & it is tough to track your Expenses!

Tip 2: Avail the Festival Discounts

Many Stores put up Festive Sales which brings in offers on shopping of Clothes, Decors & so on. Moreover, these days Online Shopping has gained lot of importance. You can get attractive Discounts, Offers & Season Sales. So why not avail these discounts?!

Tip 3: Purchase what you need

Take a stock of what you already have & what you want to purchase before you make your Wish List. Many-a-times we end up shopping for the items which we already have unnecessarily adding onto our Expenses.

Tip 4: Know when to Stop

‘Cut your Coat according to your Cloth’…is a famous Proverb. It is extremely important to know your limits & put a brake on your Expenses after those limits. Shopping on Credit is not a great idea…so you should know where to stop!

More Later…


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