This Independence Day become Financially Independent!


Without Moral & Intellectual Independence, there is no Anchor for National Independence…!

– David Ben – Gurion

So it is the 70th Independence Day tomorrow.

Well, Independence is not about being independent on a national level. It is extremely important to be morally & financially independent than anything else!

As we Indians, gear up for our 70th Independence Day, its great time to look at your own Financial Situation & make sure that you are on the road to Financial Independence as well…!

Many individuals think that you have to be rich or earn a hefty salary to be financially independent. But it is not only about your Assets, your Expenses are equally important. You need to strike a balance between your Income & Expenses.

Every Individual be it a Working Man, Working Woman, Housewife or a Retiree…they have to be Self Sufficient.

Let us go through some points which depict the importance of being Financially Independent…

  1. Extra Spending Money

These days, it is difficult to survive with a single income source. You need an extra source to spend on something really nice…to spend on the things which you crave for!

  1. Spend more time for yourself & family

 We end up working hard all our lives, leaving behind our passions. Spend more time with your friends & family, for your Passion.

  1. Live on your Own Terms

If you are strong enough to bear your Expenses, then you don’t need to depend on anyone else to get your things done. You can thus live your Life happily on your own terms… do whatever & however you want!

  1. Life after Retirement

You are going to retire at some point of your life & you know what…Financial Independence is important because Job Security is just an illusion! Thus this is certainly one of the key attributes of being Self Sufficient.

Thus, strive to be strong enough to live your life the way you want!

More later…