Some Important Financial Moves for 2019


Here we step into a brand new year…and guess what? 15 days have already passed! What is the most common ritual associated with a New Year? Well, it is making New Year Resolutions. But no matter what your resolutions are, the key isn’t making the list, it’s sticking with it!

Here are some important financial moves for your new year which could in a way help you to make your finances stable or better.

Better your Career

You can be financially sound only if you are doing better in your career. Do something to advance your career, get out of your comfort zone & learn new things. There is always something new to learn, improve your career stability & prepare yourself for the next step!

Set up a Long Term Financial Plan

A long term financial plan will depict all aspects of your finances. This plan should be a blueprint of your Life Goals. For instance, when you will buy a house, when you will retire, so on. It must also include an investment strategy to accomplish those goals. A financial plan is much more useful than targeting small financial goals as it gives a bigger picture.

Strengthening your Foundation

A strong financial groundwork is essential to short term & long term financial health. For this, create your spending plan. If you are married, then work together on setting up your finances properly.

Reduce your Debt

Adding up your debt may lead you to financial crisis. Try on getting rid of your debts. You should set a goal that is attainable, but one that you will have to be careful to reach. Set a number of how much extra you want to put towards debt each month, and then work to reaching it.

Cut spending in different categories

Setting up Budget & sticking to it in indeed a tough goal! This is a goal you can work on once you have your budget planned out. You may want to choose one category each month through the year to look for ways to save money. For example, one month you can cut down expenses on your outings whereas next month you can cut down your expenses on your household expenses. If you slash your spending a bit each month, you can save that money for your future!

Engaging with other important Financial Matters

Teach your kids about basic finances. The financial habits they establish now will be of immense benefit when they’ll grow up. Moreover, you can make investments right on behalf of your kids. The value will surely grow till the time they grow up. Take care of your retirement needs as well because leaving a legacy for your near ones is better than depending on them in the latter half of your life!

More Later…


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