Financial Lessons


Hello Everyone!

Personal Finance isn’t nuclear science.

The basics are simple & can be applicable in our day to day lives.

However, just knowing what to do & actually doing work are definitely two different things!

For instance, you may realize that you are over purchasing but you still recklessly use your credit card.

Here are some Financial Lessons that you must learn & use as soon as possible.

  1. Goals are the key

Goals are something which gives you a purpose in your life. You get a motive to strive for & give you a clear picture of spending your money for. The early you start setting goals in your life, the easier it becomes to achieve them.

  1. Use Compound Interest

Compound Interest is the eighth wonder of world. The one who understands it earns it, & the one who doesn’t pays it! Time plays an important in compound interest. Most people think that earning money is a matter of hard work & saving a lot of money but the true thing to accumulate wealth is to simply start saving & investing from an early stage for a long horizon.

  1. Impulse Shopping ruins Goals

Your short term impulse purchases may hinder your long term goals. Living your life EMI-to-EMI may ruin your Financial Wellness. Learn to be patient & try to fulfill your long term goals instead of getting lured by impulsive shopping.

  1. Be an expert in what you do, success will follow you

Every individual has got a special ability, find it & work on it to become successful. Once you start doing what you love, it builds your confidence. It takes a lot of time, effort & patience but it will be worth it automatically, making you successful & thereby money follows you!

  1. Learn from your Mistakes

Everybody in the lives make financial mistakes. But the key is learning from them instead of repeating them over & over. Instead of playing a blame game, make sure that you learn what to do & what not to do. This will be of great benefit for you in the long run.

More Later…


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