A Morning in Paris!


Paris, France.
What a lovely and breathtaking view of Eiffel Tower! You are sitting in a café nearby to the Eiffel tower and munching some tasty croissants and coffee. Paris, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and you are standing in the heart of the city! You are climbing the beautiful monument, one of the Seven Wonders of the World…The Eiffel Tower!
You are excited to see the amazing and breathtaking view of the city from the top along with your family!
Here are some things of which you need to take care so that you don’t face any problems in your trip.
1. Learn Key Phrases
There’s a good chance when traveling internationally that English may not be the native language. Learning a few key phrases in the given language of the country you’re visiting can make a huge difference. Simple day to day sentences to strike conversations with the Local people are very useful.
2. Get Organized
Flights, train schedules, taxi locations and hotel bookings can be hard to wrangle in one spot. Get organized with your stuff to avoid confusion. It is better to make two photocopies of your important documents while you are travelling.
3. Safeguard your Health
Your trip can turn out to be super awesome only if you are fit & fine. Thus, make a point to safeguard your health & enjoy the trip to the fullest.
4. Multiple Forms of Payment are better.
Multiple Forms of Payment are better than one! A mix of cash, credit cards and debit cards is far better when you are traveling in foreign lands than using just one form of payment alone. Why? Because things go wrong. A credit card could be stolen, or a debit card may prove unreadable in France!
Bon Voyage!
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The Rising Temperature & the Market!


Hello Everyone!

May month has approached with the heat waves all over! It seems that the sun is on its highest heat peak. Similarly, the Equity Market is touching new highs.

The stock market is known for its volatility & that is the reason some people are jittery with the thought of investing in equity. With the stock market hitting a new all-time high, confusion among investors has also hit a new peak!

Some people might be excited with the rising market whereas some may be scared of a crash. Here are some tips which will help you when the market is high.

  1. Invest through SIP’s

Systematic Investment Plan is the best way to invest in Equity. SIPs don’t expose your funds to market volatility all at once. With SIPs your risks gets divided because you enter the market with a new NAV every month. This diversifies your risks & gives you stable returns.

  1. Opt for Systematic Transfer Plan Route

For an investor, looking for a lump sum investment ‘Systematic Transfer Plan’ is bliss. It provides the facility of transferring a fixed amount to equity from debt fund of the same fund house at regular intervals.

For instance: If you have 10 lakhs to invest, you can put the lump sum amount in any Debt Scheme and then transfer 1 lakh every month to the Equity Fund. This helps you to avoid the risks associated with entering in one stroke. Also, the investors can earn higher returns than the savings account on debt schemes.

  1. Review your Portfolio

This could be the time to review your portfolio. Equities need 3-5 years of span to perform thus evaluate the funds in a long time horizon. Remove the consistent under performers from your portfolio.

The uptrend is still going to continue…the equity market is meant to earn returns for you so don’t get carried away! The sun and the market, both are high & we have to cope up with it!

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Time for a Break!


Hello Folks!

Summer has approached, kids have got their most awaited Summer Vacations! So what’s your plan this summer?

Everyone out there is planning to go out on a trip…some may plan an International Trip whereas some may decide to go to nearby hill stations!

However, there is still a big chunk of people who are uncertain about how to plan the vacations due to their Personal Finance reasons.

Vacations are meant for relaxing & being stress free…but on the other side, saving money to have a fun vacation can sometimes be very hectic & stressful!

There are ways to help you start planning for your Dream Vacation…and as I have always said that it is better to work on your goals before hand!

Here are a few tips which can help you in saving for your Dream Vacation…

  1. Plan out your Trip.

Planning is the base of everything you do. List down all the spots you are planning to visit, search for hotels & restaurants, your mode of travelling, your daily events. You can even google out the best & cheap locations in that area! You can save more money if you plan your trip in advance. You can book your tickets well in advance to get attractive discounts!

  1. Create a Budget.

It is very common to forget your budget & spend more than what you have saved! To prevent yourself from being completely broken after you come back, create a budget to which you can stick to. It is not possible to plan an exact amount but you should be acquainted to your limits!

  1. Be Logical.

You have to act practically…you can’t be going to Malaysia with a fund as good as of going to Goa! The worst thing is to expect to afford everything. You need to be realistic in what you can afford to avoid the financial crunch!

There are number of ways in which you can plan your vacations.

Have a Happy Vacation…Bon Voyage!

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Beginning of a New Financial Year…!


Hello Folks!

Here we enter into a New Financial Year with new resolutions.

Resolutions to make your finances better…right?

With the start of a New Financial Year, most people are relieved thinking that they would have more in their hand to spend after the diminished income in the last quarter!

It’s a good time to take the appropriate steps to ensure that you end up in a better financial position this time next year.

Educate yourself financially

Make a point to financially educate yourself. We Indians are very much conservative regarding our investments. Most of us are keen towards protecting the principal amount & the minimal interest on it is like cherry on the cake!  Little knowledge is a dangerous thing! Make yourself financially literate so that you understand your finances properly.

Start your Tax Planning

Start your tax planning for the next year from now only instead of waking up last moment and ending up investing in something which is not viable. There is no better time to invest than today! Stop waiting for that tomorrow which never rises. Instead, do it right now!

Increase your Investments

Increase your investments little bit every year. You can start by just starting a new SIP. Review your portfolio & discontinue the ones which are not doing well. The New Year is a good start to add on your finances!

Be disciplined

Learn to be disciplined in tough times. This is very important because the market is highly volatile. People get hassled & panic if they observe a downtrend in their investments. But the secret is, having a disciplined approach will lead you to accumulate more units when the markets are down!

Execute your plan

Your ideas & visions are just hallucinations unless & until they are executed! Thus, learn to execute your plan first & be prepared for some transformations in your plan.

Start investing & have a good Financial Year ahead!

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Trump’s Victory & its implications on India!


In November 2016, two black economies turned white…right? India’s corrupt black economy had taken a step toward cleaning the parallel economy while on the other side of the world Donald Trump surprisingly won the US elections and emerged as the 45th American President.

Politics always play a major role in impacting India – US relationships! The major factors are that both the economies get affected, job prospects are hindered and so on.

President Trump’s victory and his entry into American Politics is surely going to affect the economies of the world including India. But, Donald Trump presents as an opportunity or a challenge for India? Keeping aside whatever he said during his campaign, we don’t know until he acts on it!

How is it going to affect India?

Every coin has got two sides, similarly, Trump’s victory will have positive as well as negative impacts.

Talking about the positive impact, Trump always had an impression of Pakistan involving in terrorism. Thus, India could benefit in its fight for combating terrorism. This will indirectly strengthen our defence strategies. The collaborative efforts of US & India will help to boost the Indian Economy. In his entire campaign, Trump was against China’s trade policies. Although Trump wants to put stricter immigration rules, he also says he wants to get in Indian entrepreneurs and students to the US.

The main threat is that Trump has tightened the US Visa policies thereby hindering the job opportunities in the US. With the tightened immigration rule and his opinion on H1 Visa Program might negatively impact Indian IT Companies majorly. With the strict immigration rules, India can prosper. How?  The leading companies have got most of the Indian drain brains working with them. If the visas are rejected, the Indian talent will stay in India instead of running to the dreamland of jobs thus prospering our country.

Even though Trump has no political experience, he is a successful businessman. It will be interesting to see the developments in Indian-US relationships in the near future under Donald Trump’s presidency!

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UNION BUDGET 2017 – All you need to know!


Hello Everyone!

So what is the new buzz in the city? Budget Talks everywhere!

The Ministry of Finance announced the Union Budget 2017 recently. I am sure that many of you all were eager to know about the budget… especially after going through a drastic step like Demonetization.

Well, the main agenda of Union Budget 2017 was ‘Transform, Energize & Clean India!’

Every coin has got two sides. Thus, the reforms which are good for some people turn out to be worst for the others!

This budget has got a relief to the middle class since the tax slab of 2.5 lakhs – 5 lakhs has been cut down to 5% from 10% whereas it is a nightmare for the people who are earning above 60 lakhs since they have to pay 10% surcharge.

This is for the first time that the Political Parties will be filing their Income Tax Returns. Moreover, maximum cash donations allowed to them per person is only Rs. 2000. Rest other transactions should be made through cheque and digital mode! Isn’t this a step towards breaking the way politics used to be?!

The other major thing is about the holding period of Long Term Capital Gains which is reduced to 2 years from 3 years. The base indexation is also shifted from 01.04.1981 to 01.04.2001.

The cash expenditures per person is also reduced to 10000 thereby supporting the motive of digitization… Go Cashless!

Many good reforms have been made in the educational system, rural development, steps have been taken for providing employment to the youth of India and so on.

The main motive is the massive war against black money… digitization is been promoted through apps like BHIM App to form transparency in the economy thereby curbing the evil of black money.

All in all the Union Budget focuses on REMONITIZING INDIA!

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This Week 2016, Next Week 2017..!


Hello Friends!

Here we are, in the end of 2016! We all have gone through many ups & downs this year. Year 2016 has been like no other year since Demonetization was announced! So much has changed this year, India is changing to a Digital Economy.

New Year brings the promises of new beginnings and self improvement. Don’t make new resolutions this year but change your perspective towards it so that you can meet the end!

Well, talking about Personal Finance, I am sure most of the people would be trying hard to find a healthier Personal Finance Portfolio for 2017, you can adopt some of the ways.

  • Review your Investments:

Most of the people are not very keen towards reviewing their investments. It is important to review your investments on a regular basis so that you can make changes accordingly and stack out the ones which are not doing well.

  • Plan your Budget:

2017 is round the corner, this is the most suitable time to plan your budget for the New Year. It is important to make the budget and follow it as well. Stay within your Financial Budget to achieve your Financial Goals.

  • Put your Money to use:

Don’t let your cash lie idle in the bank. The inflation rate is growing day by day thereby shrinking your savings in the bank. Park your assets where it has got an opportunity to grow!

  • Inculcate the habit of Savings:

Money saved is Money earned! Try to cut down the unwanted expenses. Saving and Investing is the success mantra these days!

  • Plan for your Retirement:

You should ideally start planning for your retirement from an early age. But better late than never, if you haven’t started then you can do so from the beginning of the coming year. Ensure that you attain Financial Stability by the end of your working period.

A New Year brings new hopes. Start managing your money wisely to lead a financially secured life!

Wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year!